Hpchp340 Hp A4 Colour Laser 120gsm Hp A4 Laserjet Paper 120gsm - UF01

Part Number: CHP340

Manufacturer: HP

Condition: New

Short Description:

Hpchp340 Hp A4 Colour Laser 120gsm Hp A4 Laserjet Paper 120gsm

Hpchp340       Hp A4 Colour Laser 120gsm      Hp A4 Laserjet Paper 120gsm                                  - UF01

£8.40 - Inc VAT

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HP Colour Laser Paper has a super-smooth surface for uniform toner gloss and breathtakingly vivid colour images that leap off the page.
Fibres are distributed uniformly throughout for maximum sheet flatness and optimal print quality.
A heavy weight paper for documents that feel impressive. Great for two-sided printing with minimal show-through.



Operational conditions
Operating temperature (T-T) 15 - 35 °C
Storage temperature (T-T) 0 - 40 °C
Storage relative humidity (H-H) 5 - 95%
Packaging content
Sheets per pack 250 sheets
Paper size A4 (210×297 mm)
Type finish Matte
Colour of product Multicolour
Recommended usage Laser printing
Media weight 120 g/m²
Finish type Matte

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HP Color Laser Paper 120 gsm-250 sht/A4/210 x 297 mm. Paper size: A4 (210×297 mm), Finish type: Matte, Recommended usage: Laser printing. Sheets per pack: 250 sheets

Product Description

HP Colour Laser Paper has a super-smooth surface for uniform toner gloss and breathtakingly vivid colour images that leap off the page.
Fibres are distributed uniformly throughout for maximum sheet flatness and optimal print quality.
A heavy weight paper for documents that feel impressive. Great for two-sided printing with minimal show-through.

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