Conditions of Use

'The Company' refers to Athema Services Ltd. 'The Customer' refers to any party to whom the company agrees to sell goods and/or services in accordance with The Company's standard terms and conditions of sale. ‘The Goods" means the articles or services and any part thereof to be provided by The Company in accordance with The Company's standard conditions of sale.


Dead On Arrival (DOA)


Athema Services Ltd will offer a standard warranty period of seven days from purchase date on all products. Within this seven day period, any product that is confirmed as being DOA by our Customer Services Department will then be issued a Returns Number. Customers who receive a DOA product should contact us within 48 hours of receiving the goods. The value of the faulty items will be credited to your account upon receipt of said faulty items. We ask all customers to sign deliveries as "Unchecked" if there are signs of box damage, and must report any damage within 48 hours upon receipt of goods.

Cancellations/Refund Policy

Customers have the right to cancel within seven days of their contract with us, or seven days of receipt of the goods and will be responsible for returning the product in its original condition and must be unopened, unused and in the original packaging so it can be resold on "As New". Original delivery charge cannot be refunded and a 25% restocking/admin fee may be applied.

Goods Incorrectly Ordered

At our suppliers discretion we may or may not accept the return of goods if you or your customer has ordered the wrong product providing they are unopened and unused and in a sellable condition. Incorrectly ordered goods must be returned in the original packaging with seals, static bags etc unbroken within 7 days of purchase. We strongly advise you to check if your product is compatible with your OS BEFORE placing an order with us as we cannot be held responsible for any incompatibilities.


Refurbished Printer Warranty

The warranty period of all items sold is stated on the invoice. The warranty period begins from the invoice date. We offer no on-site warranty or technical support in regards to setting up onto your computer or network, we advise that you have a competent engineer on-site to assist with the installation.

Unless specified otherwise, we operate a RTB (Return To Base) warranty procedure. Warranty is solely undertaken on the basis that the goods should be returned to during the warranty period (3 months unless otherwise stated), at the expense of the Customer, for examination, Repair or a replacement will be offered providing that the failure was not attributable to wilful damage or caused by improper use. Once an RMA number has been issued, it is valid for 7 days unless otherwise agreed. 

If a replacement under warranty is necessary, we do not guarantee that we will be able to supply the exact model. In such cases, we reserve the right to provide a substitute item with similar technical specifications, external condition and age.

Consumables are not covered by our warranty, (for example: Toners and inks/heads, drum units, transfer units and fusers.)

Products that are modified or changed are no longer covered by warranty.

The Company reserves the right (under any circumstance) to cancel any order if the product is out of stock with our suppliers, incomplete orders or to suspend delivery in the event of any of The Customer's commitments with The Company not being met. If an order is cancelled by The Company or is cancelled by a customer then The Customer shall indemnify The Company against all loss costs (including costs of all labour and materials used and overheads incurred), damages, charges and expenses arising out of the order and the cancellation thereof. (The Company giving credit for the value of any such materials sold or utilized for other purposes) All orders are subject to availability of The Goods. 

a) Catalogues price lists and outer advertising literature or material as used by The Company are intended only as an indication of price and range of goods offered and no price descriptions or other particulars contained therein shall be binding on The Company. 
b) All quoted or listed prices are exclusive at Valve Added Tax or any other taxes and are based on the cost of The Company supplying The Goods to The Customer. If before delivery of Goods there occurs any increase in any way of such costs in respect of The Goods the price shall be subject to amendment without notice at The Companies discretion.

The majority of prices quoted will be those as stated. However, we reserve the right to notify you of any price changes imposed by individual Manufacturer's market trends or any pricing input errors. Whilst we endeavour to check that prices shown are as accurate as possible, with the number of Products we manage, human error is sometimes unavoidable, and so the price of an item may vary from that shown. Should the price of any item vary, you will be contacted prior to the implementation of any such Order and given the opportunity to cancel your Order. Payment via a Credit or Debit Card is automatically deferred, and will therefore NOT be processed. If unsure, we do recommend that you contact us to check the latest prices, as these can fall as well as rise. We are always seeking to lower prices to our Customers and to improve our Service, therefore we welcome having direct contact with you and an opportunity to serve your best interests. 

Errors and Omissions Excepted, Price is subject to VAT & Delivery charges.

Manufacturer's Specification

The Company will not be liable in any respect for any loss or damage caused by or resulting from any variation for whatsoever reason in the Manufacturer's specifications or technical data. The Company will not be responsible for any loss or damage resulting from curtailment or cessation of supply following such variation. The Company will endeavor to advise The Customer of any such impeding variation as soon as it receives notice thereof from the Manufacturer 

Except as in accordance with The Company's catalogue, prices do not include delivery charges to The Customer. The Company reserves the right to levy a charge for delivery to any other destination advised by The Customer. Any times quoted for delivery are to be treated as estimates only. Whilst every endeavor will be made to meet these estimates for dispatch The Company shall not be liable in any manner whatsoever for failure to dispatch within the time quoted. We ask all customers to sign deliveries as "Unchecked" if there are signs of box damage, and must report any damage within 48 hours upon receipt of goods.

Product Warranties
In the case of defects or faulty workmanship in products or any parts thereof supplied but not manufactured by The Company, The Customer shall not be entitled to receive any greater benefit than shall be received by The Company under any guarantee or warranty given to The Company by the manufacturers or suppliers thereof. Under warranty The Company will, as its discretion, either repair or give replacement of equivalent quality or issue credit to The Customer for any Goods found to be defective because of faulty maintenance by The Company or poor workmanship provided that 
a) The Company is notified in writing within 7 days of The Customer first covering any such defects; 
b) The Goods have been used in an appropriate manner and/or prescribed in the operating instructions (If any): 
c) The defective Goods are returned to The Company at The Customer's expense. 
d) Examination by The Company of such Goods discloses to satisfaction that such defect exists and have not been caused by misuse, neglect, accident, improper storage installation or handling or by repair or alteration not effected by the company 
e) The Goods not having been modified or repaired otherwise than by The Company or otherwise interfered with and; 
f) The Customer shall pay to The Company the cost (as certified by The Company) of any examination.

*Refurbished Printer Consumables are NOT covered under the Printer Warranty (Including Printeads).*

Return Of Equiptment 
The Goods will not be accepted by The Company until a Return number is obtained. All Goods must be returned in their original undamaged packaging with the returns number clearly displayed on the outside of the box. The Goods returned must be in good condition, assembled with all parts and instruction manuals belonging to The Goods which are being returned. Please click here for more information.

Consequental Loss and Damage
Save as herein expressly provided The Company shall not be liable for any loss or damage of whatsoever nature or to whomsoever caused arising out of the use Goods supplied by it. The customer shell indemnify The Company against all claims made against The Company by any third party in respect thereof. 

a) Provided that The Customer has been granted credit facilities by The Company, settlement terms are Net 30 days from the date of the invoice. In the absence of credit facilities having been granted by The Company payment shall be made in advance of processing and delivery. 
b) The Company reserves the right to suspend deliveries where payment is not received in accordance with paragraph (a) of this clause or in accordance with any alternative terms of payment agreed in writing. 
c) Where payment is not made in accordance with the terms at sub-clause (a) above hereof The Customer shall pay Interest on any unpaid amounts calculated at 3% per day or at our discretion. 

Cancellations & Deliveries
a) If the circumstances or status of The Customer change, for whatsoever reason (e g. bankruptcy or receivership, change of name, litigation by The Company or other parties etc) The Company reserves the right without prejudice to cancel or suspend trading with The Customer Including orders in progress and to demand immediate payment in full of all outstanding invoices. b) Requests by a customer for cancellation or amendment of any order or for the rescheduling of deliveries will only be considered by The Company if made In writing or by telephone and shall be subject to written acceptance of The Company. If cancelled or rescheduled at the request of The Customer, then The Customer shall indemnify The Company against all loss costs (including overheads incurred), charges and expenses arising out of the order and the cancellation, amendment or re-scheduling thereof to be calculated at 5% of the value of the order.

a) The Company will indemnify The Customer for any direct physical injury or death ceased by defects in the equipment sold to The Customer or by negligence of The Company's employees in connection with the performance of their duties under this agreement. 
b) In no event shall The Company be liable for indirect or consequential expenses incurred or damages including but not limited to damage caused by loss of data and except as stated in (a) above The Company disclaims all liability to The Customer for any losses incurred by The Customer as a result of any negligence by The Company, its employees or agents. Please note that The Company shall reserve the right to cancel or refuse orders for The Goods shown on The Company's website(s) with an incorrect price and/or with any other incorrect information. No contract is made with The Customer until The Company have dispatched The Goods to The Customer. 

Legal Construction
These conditions and the contract of which this document relates shall in all respects be construed and operate in accordance with English and Wales law.

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