Dot Matrix Printers

High Quality refurbished/reconditioned Dot Maxtrix Printers that come with warranty and working consumables. 
Though most have been replaced with laser and inkjet printers, deskjet dot matrix printers are still in service for specialized applications that don't require high print speeds or high quality resolution. Dot matrix printers work by using a series of pins to strike an ink ribbon. The ink transfers to the paper at the point of impact. Dot matrix printers use a dot matrix, a two-dimensional combination of dots that can be easily configured to display characters or images. Many simple displays like crosswalk signs still use dot matrix technology.
Dot Matrix Color Ribbon
The ribbons used by dot matrix printers are covered with ink. When the paper feeder moves the paper into position, the pins strike the ribbon to transfer the ink onto the paper according to the computer's commands. Color ink ribbons have three bands corresponding to the three primary colors. Color images have to be printed with several pin strikes to create the proper tone. Dot matrix color printing is therefore very slow when compared to laser or inkjet color printing.
The Pins
Analogous to the nozzles of the inkjet printer, the pins on a dot matrix are where all the action is. Though a very simple technology, the number of pins has a direct impact on the speed and resolution of the output. Starting at 9 pins, the early dot matrix printers produced low resolution printouts. Eventually, consumer dot matrix printers reached 24 pins. These printers had much denser dot-patterns, meaning higher resolution and better print quality.

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